Monday, August 25, 2008


Hey everyone! Been busy lately, working on a custom item for my boss, then I got a new job in my field! So I'm working 3 jobs now! *passes out*

So no new listings yet, but let me show you some of the great things I've bought. :)

I've bought a few ad spaces on MooseBerry Hill Radio, from the lovely MooseBerryHill. If you haven't heard the show, you MUST!

It's a great hour, and Heather and Bunnie promote a lot of great shops. There's indie music and GIVEAWAYS! And ads are so so cheap.

I will be purchasing these for a long time!

This next one isn't a purchase, but my prize from MooseBerryHill Radio! I've won a couple more times, but that's a post for another day ;)
Anyway, this lovely bracelet is by liquidsabre. I just love it! I especially love the little hearts at the ends of the bangle. It fits great, and it came packaged so beautifully. Liquidsabre has some amazing jewellery, so you need to check her out!

This next big batch is from Corabelle, who makes amazing stamps, and she's from my hometown! So she let me do a local pickup (woo! Save on shipping!). She's a great gal,super sweet and great product!

Any who, it all started when I ordered this custom stamp of a rat. It's so detailed, and cute! Of course, if I was picking up, I might as well get some more too! Hehe!

Look at this adorable little hedgehog!! His name is Hugo :)

And who can leave out Shaneyney Squirrel?
 can't have the squirrel without the acorn!!

That's all for this edition, stay tuned for more!!


Christopher And Tia said...

Those stamps are great!!!

Giftbearer said...

Those are really nice stamps! The one of the rat is amazingly detailed. I'll have to check that out!